• A water-jacketed mouse heart chamber and water-jacketed perfusion lines to ensure that the perfusate solution and the isolated heart are maintained at a constant temperature.
  • An 8-channel PowerLab 8/35, which is ideal for recording data from isolated heart experiments.
  • Multiple parameters can be analyzed and displayed using LabChart and LabChart Pro software, including: LVP, dP/dt, Max and Min dP/dt, LVEDP, ECG, heart rate and many others.
  • Advantages of the Radnoti Working Heart Systems include:
  • Modular construction enables easy updating/substitution of chamber sizes
  • Water-jacketed heart chambers and tubing ensures uniform circulation and heating
  • Threaded cap on High-Tech Heart Chamber minimizes temperature loss and features locking ports for cannulae and additional measuring devices
  • May be used in single-pass perfusion or recirculation modes
  • Easy-to-use “Quick Disconnect” fittings

Product Codes


Working Heart System for Mice


Working Heart System for Rats/Rabbits


Working Heart Ultimate System for Mice


Working Heart Ultimate System for Rats


Ordering Information:

  • When ordering the Working Heart System please specify the following: Mains Power (V) = 115 for 110-115 V or 220 for 220-240 V


  • Countries with 115 V power service, the Thermal Circulator Pump requires a 20 A outlet.
  • Countries with 220 V power service, the Thermal Circulator Pump requires a 15 A outlet.