• High compliance voltage (±180 V).
  • Unique bath clamp circuitry.
  • Ideal for clamping large cells and cell structures, e.g. squid axons.
  • Extended current measuring range.
  • Decreased noise level and 4-pole Bessel filter.
  • An internal switch permits measurements of the current in series with the current electrode, instead of in the bath.
  • Optional differential voltage headstages.
  • Buzz controls (1 kHz square wave) for each electrode aid in penetration of cell membranes with a minimum of leakage.
  • Overload alarm (audible and visual) indicate when the compliance voltage is exceeded safeguarding the Oocyte and indicating that current records are subject to saturation.
  • DC Offsets for both voltage and current electrodes.
  • Electrode Test for both electrodes.
  • Capacity Compensation for the Vm voltage input.

Product Codes


Oocyte Clamp System


Two Electrode Voltage Clamp Workstation System


When ordering please specify mains voltage power; where V = 115 for 115-120 V, and where V = 220 for 220-240 V.