• A foundation data acquisition and research system at an affordable price.
  • Allows flexibility in chosen data acquisition options and applications.
  • Quick to setup and easy to use.
  • Compatible with Windows.
  • Trigno Base Station (receiver) can hold up to 16 sensors allowing easy future sensor additions.
  • Patent Pending Motion Artifact Suppression.
  • High 16-bit resolution and 200 Hz sampling rate.
  • <500 µ s inter-sensor latency.
  • Real-time feedback of signal strength & battery status.
  • Real-time analysis options.
  • Wide range of analysis views and channel calculations.

Once you have the Trigno Wireless Foundations System, you can choose from a range of up to 16 compatible Delsys Trigno sensors that transmit high quality signals wirelessly to the digital Trigno Base Station Receiver. Each sensor is capable of transmitting up to 40 m and has a rechargeable battery lasting a minimum of 7 hours. These signals are then directly communicated to LabChart  analysis software via a  Trigno Wireless Device Enabler .

Trigno Sensors (purchased separately):

The breadth of your analysis does not have to stop there. Depending on your experimental protocol, you can add in a PowerLab solution to simultaneously acquire other physiological signals (up to 32 channels in LabChart Software) for your research.

Related research applications and solutions include:

  • Exercise/respiration/breathing systems (O2, CO2, flow, pulse oximetry)
  • Biopotential (facial, brain) systems – for sleep or stimulus presentation
  • Human NIBP (pressure) systems
  • Microneurography (SNA)
  • Force/Load, Motion and Reflex studies

Related LabChart add-ons include:

Accessories (purchased separately):

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Trigno Wireless Foundation System