• A simple, cost-effective solution for constant perfusate flow or pressure using the Radnoti Langendorff Constant Flow Non-Recirculating Apparatus (includes Thermal Circulator Pump and Peristaltic Pump).
  • A robust and compact apparatus. The perfusate reservoir includes two thermostatically controlled compartments, which allows perfusate solutions to be changed easily.
  • The versatile, 8-channel PowerLab 8/35 data acquisition system can simultaneously monitor multiple parameters from your isolated heart experiments. These include left ventricular pressure, rate of ventricular pressure change, perfusate pressure and flow rate, developed pressure, cardiac electrical activity, temperature and others.
  • The PowerLab analog outputs may be used to control the frequency of pulses from an external stimulator via LabChart.
  • Two Physiological Pressure Transducers and Bridge Amplifiers connected to a PowerLab simultaneously record perfusate pressure and left ventricular pressure.
  • The Animal Bio Amp amplifies the cardiac electrical activity.
  • The T-type Pod and T-type Implantable Thermocouple Probe (IT-18) monitor temperature.

Product Codes


Langendorff System for Mice (Constant Pressure)


Langendorff System for Rats (Constant Flow)


Langendorff System for Rats (Constant Pressure)


Ordering Information: 

  • When ordering one of the Langendorff Systems – Radnoti, please specify the following: Mains Power (V) = 115 for 110-115V or 220 for 220-240V.


  • Countries with 115V power service, the Thermal Circulator Pump requires a 20 AMPS outlet.
  • Countries with 220V power service, the Thermal Circulator Pump requires a 15 AMPS outlet.