Isolated Heart Kit

Project Description

The Isolated Heart Kit (Dual Heating) is ideal for student pharmacology laboratories conducting pharmacological investigations and dose response experiments using the Langendorff technique on an isolated small animal (mice, rat, guinea pig or rabbit) heart. It provides contraction force measurements via an Apical Force Pulley Assembly and a teaching force transducer that connects directly with a PowerLab data acquisition unit (purchased separately).

The Isolated Heart Kit (Dual Heating) contains:

  • Radnoti Student Heart System (Dual Heating)
    • Radnoti Student Heart Chamber (100 mL)
    • Radnoti Aortic Cannula Tip (14 Gauge) for mouse hearts
    • Radnoti Aortic Cannula Tip (22 Gauge) for rat/guinea pig hearts
    • Radnoti Aortic Cannula Tip (Glass, 3.0 mm) for rabbit hearts
    • Radnoti Heating Coil (10 mL) with Bubble Trap (5 mL)
    • Dual heating temperature maintenance system
  • Teaching Force Transducer (0-50 g)
  • Manipulator

The Isolated Heart Kit (Dual Heating) can be modified into a Student Tissue Bath System with additional purchase of the PTK28-PTK23 Conversion Pack (Dual Heating).

Further parameters can be recorded with additional accessories (purchased separately) including:


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Isolated Heart Kit

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